Getting to Know Hot Pot Dishes in San Francisco Chinese Restaurants

For most people, dining at Chinese restaurants in San Francisco, such as Chili House SF, often equates to ordering the more well-known (and widely loved) items on the menu: chow mein, dumplings, kung pao chicken, and sweet and sour pork. However, if there’s one type of dish on the menu that Chinese cuisine lovers must try—which can be succinctly described as “”satisfying, hot goodness””—it’s the hot pot.

The Chinese Hot Pot

Sometimes referred to as steam boat or Chinese fondue, hot pot is a kind of stew that is traditionally served in a metal or clay pot of boiling broth/soup base. The pot is placed at the center of the dining table as plates or bowls of fresh and raw ingredients, including thin slices of meat, vegetables, and seafood, are laid out around it. Diners cook the ingredients they prefer by placing them into the simmering pot, and then dipping the cooked meat or vegetable in a tasty sauce.


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