Eat to Impress in San Francisco Chinese Restaurants: Table Etiquette

So your firm in The City by the Bay finally won over that big client from a Chinese company after a long time of negotiating, and all you have to go through now is a business dinner with them in one of the best San Francisco Chinese restaurants; sounds easy, right? Well, that depends, really—there are actually pitfalls when it comes to food etiquette that might inadvertently offend your guest, so to be sure, avoid things like…

Sticking your chopsticks vertically on rice.

Resist any temptation to place your chopsticks in the middle of your bowl of rice—you know what that looks like? Incense for the dearly departed. Indeed, the Chinese consider this placement of chopsticks offensive because you just put a harbinger of death on the dinner table. To avoid this, make sure to look for the chopstick rest (there’s always one in restaurants) and place your chopsticks on it.


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